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Cloud Star Technologies works to ensure that schools and collages Campaigns can provide students with Good environments, nutritious food, health services and opportunities for physical activity. Cloud Star Technologies has developed an effective model that is helping transform the school experience. Our approach is strategic, clear and comprehensive: We engage, we advocate and we build.   Cloud Star Technologies’s unique approach connects our work for systems change on a national, state and local level with on-the-ground work in India Schools and Collages districts across the country. Our work on the ground informs our perspective on national policy and marketplace change.
Non-benefit associations and enthusiastic people have discovered a huge number of inventive approaches to use online life and the Internet to make the world a superior spot. Online crusades help give clean drinking water, nourishment, and intestinal sickness forestalling bed nets to individuals who need them. Innovative employment of the web is giving and upgrade training. These four activities, for example, found imaginative approaches to help construct schools and Colleges through advanced crusades.
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  • Less of a “campaign” than a full-blown effort to democratize education, University of the People provides tuition-free higher education through an online campus.
  • Since launching last year, the university has accepted about 1000 students from 100 different countries to its three- to four-year programs for business and computer science. Recently the university opened computer centers in Haiti so that students with limited Internet access could enroll in its courses.
Campaigns for Education(schools and collages) 1