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Last year we continued to see the television advertising landscape change at an expeditious rate, with brand marketers spending twice as much on online video than they did on TV ads. Here’s a peek at some of the trends we believe will continue to shape this market this year…

In 2018, we are likely to see more brands leveraging personalization, multi-device targeting and building a unified user-centric ecosystem with all other forms of media, alongside TV advertising, in an attempt to gain a better ROI.  These trends show how much disruption is currently happening within this industry. Whilst they are important to stay ahead of, the constant thing that will define success within this industry is for the brand storytellers to keep reaching the right people at the right time.


Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Whilst these juggernauts are far bigger than a trend in themselves, it is interesting to note the emphasis that they are placing on video. Let’s take Facebook as an example. They are putting a focus on ‘premium video’ as they recently unveiled the “Watch” tab, which collates original video content from a wide range of partners.

The future is Online Video Ads


Digital advertising trends have shifted from desktop to mobile in recent years. This mobile-first approach is quickly taking over as the preferred method for digital advertising and is on the cusp of being the most focused on medium for ad campaigns.

But mobile-first is not the only digital advertising trend that has pushed to the forefront of the marketing sector. We’ve researched what the future holds for digital advertising, and have come back with some deep and interesting insights into five advertising trends that will have a strong impact through the rest of 2018:

1. Mobile-first advertising

2. Personalization in digital marketing

3. The effectiveness of video advertising

4. Impact of location-based targeting

5. The effect of micro-moments on consumers


Digital Video advertising till now has been on :

Destination websites like YouTube, Facebook

VoD OTT platforms such as HotStar, Voot etc.

Monetize Live TV Streams on Web & Mobile Apps

Our unique technology auto-replaces original TV ads with targeted digital video ads in real time ONLINE  LIVE TV streaming consumed by users on Website & Mobile apps.

We offer NEW Video Ad Inventory aka “Live Mid-rolls” on Live TV streaming during broadcast commercial breaks to brands & digital advertisers

A. Increase your Live TV revenue by 3X without any new investment

B. Auto-replace original broadcast TV commercial breaks using VAST ads

C. Revenue reporting & Ad-Analytics using Google DFP Integration

D. A non-intrusive seamless TV like superior user experience during content & ad switch

Digital Trends

Monetize Online Live TV streams using targeted video ads during original broadcast TV breaks.