Cloud Communication

Cloud telephony is a voice and informing administration that replaces the requirement for the regular business phone framework

It is available by two systems:

  • PSTN (Open Exchanged Phone System): In India, and center east nations, PSTN they use based cloud telephony administrations. The blending of IP and PSTN calls isn’t permitted.
  • IP (Web Convention): For this situation, cloud telephony administrations are conveyed by the web. Most western nations give web-connected calling or VoIP empowered administrations
Cloud telephony takes your business telephone framework on the cloud. It dispenses with the requirement for physical servers, wires, and landline telephones. With the help of cloud telephony, straightforward cell phones can be associated easily to shape your business telephone framework.

Cloud Telephony Solutions

Toll free number 

Toll free numberWith a toll-free number beginning 1800, every one of your clients can call your business for nothing. The expense for a toll free call is borne by the called party, which is the sans toll supporter, and not the calling party (your clients). With a toll free number to call your business, your clients could now contact you all the more helpfully. Increment deals and create more income for your business with the best toll free number specialist organization in India.  

Outbound call 

Outbound call An outbound call is one started from a call focus operator to a client in the call’s interest focus or a customer. Normal outbound calls incorporate telemarketing, deals or raising support calls, and additionally calls for contact list refreshing, studies or confirmation administrations.

Missed Call Service 

Missed Call Service    Missed Call Service is a mechanized online application empowers you to get the ongoing notices of all approaches your devoted Portable/Land Telephone/Toll-Free Number. Our framework additionally can begin an intelligent session with your client by coordinating our distinctive API’s. At the point when another call lands on your number our framework consequently rejects the shout toward one ring and pushes the data on constant to your Internet board/Server alongside the Call Number, Time, Area, Administrator


IVR      Intuitive voice reaction (IVR) is an innovation that enables a PC to communicate with people using voice and DTMF tones input by a keypad. In broadcast communications, IVR enables clients to cooperate with an organization’s host framework by a phone keypad or by discourse acknowledgment, after which I can ask administrations about through the IVR exchange. IVR frameworks can react with pre-recorded or powerfully produced sound to additionally guide clients on the most proficient method to continue. IVR frameworks conveyed in the system are estimated to deal with extensive call volumes and furthermore used for outbound calling as IVR frameworks are more keen than numerous prescient dialer frameworks.

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