Cloud IVR gives you the freedom to automate and control your most critical customer touch point or business processes over the phone without having to manage complex telephony infrastructure. Plum’s hosted IVR platform and development tools power a range of voice applications that improve the customer experience. These tools give you control over your self-service strategy and the flexibility to automate complex customer interactions with ease. Featuring both PCI-DSS level 1 and HIPAA compliance, our cloud platform is optimized to securely handle sensitive financial or medical information.   100% Uptime From the shortest cord to the largest server, every component in the cloudstar technologies infrastructure has a backup. And Plum’s platforms have been tested by billions of calls since 2000. Together, this fanatical attention to eliminating single points of failure along with the maturity and stability of our platforms results in a non-stop service which we proudly stand behind with a 100% uptime guarantee.   Security cloudstar technologies actively secures and protects your application and data from digital, physical, and social intrusion vectors. Our PCI Level 1-compliant operation stops intruders at the firewall, at the door, and over the phone.   Disaster Recovery Behind our cloud services run three datacenters, each built to the same high standards for security, fault-tolerance, and scalability. If your application must withstand anything Mother Nature, mayhem, or mistakes may bring, you can count on cloudstar technologies for the disaster recovery solutions you need.   Scalability Whether you expect a hundred calls per day or a million calls per day, our infrastructure will scale with your voice application letting you focus on taking care of your customers.   Continuous Updates Always up-to-date, Plum supports the widest breadth of features including the most advanced technology for text-to-speech (TTS), advanced speech recognition (ASR), IVR analytics tools and more.   Two unique ways to build and deploy Build your voice applications with either Plum Fuse for speedy design and implementation, or Plum DEV for all the power and flexibility of VoiceXML

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