whatsapp marketing agency provide Incredible tool for business promotion and business marketing. Whatsapp marketing Being a renowned cross-platform messaging and communication platform, WhatsApp enjoys a whopping 500+ million user base and 273 billion messages processed and sent on a daily basis. Its recent merger with social networking giant Facebook has increased its reach manifolds. To leverage its potential in the finest manner ever, businesses have started using it as an incredible tool for business promotion and global business marketing. WhatsApp Marketing is all set to compete SMS marketing with its innovative features and unique offerings.   whatsapp marketing agencyWhatsApp Marketing To Create More Customer Outreach Sending messages using WhatsApp is absolutely free and messages are processed quickly. This is the key advantage that pushes WhatsApp ahead. There are other reasons as well that turn WhatsApp as a primary tool for targeted mobile based marketing.   WhatsApp Is Globally Accessible WhatsApp has a global user base thus searching for targeted customers on WhatsApp is quite easy. Its global presence will surely help you to give your service and product a wide user acceptance.   Ease Of Use Another reason that adds energy to the WhatsApp marketing is its mobility. WhatsApp allows to send and receive messages anywhere any time. No specific installation of plug-in and tools required.   Allow Messages of Unlimited Length Unlike SMSes WhatsApp allows message sending with unlimited length accompanied by images, audios and videos.   Available On All Mobile Platforms WhatsApp is easily accessible across all the mobile platforms available such as android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows.   WhatsApp Marketing at Cloud Star Technologies If you are willing to unleash the hidden potential of WhatsApp, Cloud Star Technologies gives you the way. We create an entire new channel for you to reach your targeted customers. We design your WhatsApp using highly innovative mobile marketing techniques we have expertise in. Currently our marketing service support languages like English and Hindi. Our services are a real value add to the industry verticals such as Banking/Insurance/Finance Companies, Retail, Education, Health Care, Media & Entertainment and Travel & Logistics. Our WhatsApp marketing is suitable for conveying: Product Launches, Offer Details, General Awareness Updates, Upcoming Event Publicity, Greetings On Special Occasions Why include Whatsapp Marketing in your Business Strategy? Technically, Whatsapp Marketing is free to your pocket. You can completely Do It Yourself as a business owner as well. No spend on Advertising as there is no advertising network that controls Whatsapp (Thankfully…:)) Reach as many people as you want. If your content is powerful and worth sharing, everybody will start to spread your message in their circles. It is common to see content going viral on Whatsapp before any other Social Media Network since the latter half of 2017. If you are a niche marketer and looking to spread your messages only to followers of a certain interest such as stock markets, business fundamentals, students, coaching, entertainment, breaking news, so on and so forth; you can easily do so by adding yourself only to those relevant groups. It can be additional marketing channel for brands and business owners looking to broaden their customer base. It is very evident that businesses stop to grow exponentially only when they reach a growth saturation in their most promising marketing network. The only way to tackle this is to go cross-platform. Whatsapp has a repository of the maximum active internet users – more than facebook’s social media network, google’s  gmail or any other players. Almost everyone in the world barring some countries in Europe rely on Whatsapp for communicating with colleagues or family.