What Is WhatsApp Bulk SMS Sender? WhatsApp Bulk SMS Sender allows you to send text messages, images, WhatsApp videos, audio files and vCard with contact information to Whatsapp registered users in bulk using different WhatsApp Channels from this powerful piece of software. What features are included in this software?
  1. Channel Registration: You can register WhatsApp Numbers/Channels from within the software using easy to use WhatsApp Channel (mobile number) registration option. This feature allows you to register channel (mobile number).
  2. Channel Bulk Import : You can import WhatsApp channels in comma separated format directly from this the software. Format example.(Number, Password, Name)This saves you a lot of time and also allows you to buy WhatsApp Channels in bulk from different WhatsApp Channels service provider.
  3. Channel Bulk Export : You can view, edit, add, export, delete all the available channels with details like registration date of particular channel, block date, last login, and other similar information.
  4. Checking Numbers : Using this feature of our software you can receive all pending messages in all your WhatsApp Channel’s Inbox and check the delivery report of all your last sent messages in your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns.
Load CSV/Text File :  You can import numbers to filter using CSV or TXT file format. Range Generator : You can generate series of number from within the software by adding the starting of the series you want the software to run & add the total no. of volumes you want the software to generate. This feature allows you to generate thousands of numbers and then filter then to see which numbers are available on WhatsApp. Once, done you can then filter these numbers on WhatsApp based on their last seen date on WhatsApp. Making sure you message to only those users which are active on WhatsApp. Export Feature: This feature allows you to export all the WhatsApp Registered numbers and then save them in a list for your future whatsapp marketing campaigns. Composer : This feature allows to import numbers and compose text, image, video, audio and vCard campaign vise and adds to send list. Shuffle : Suppose you have multiple client campaign to do and you compose all client’s campaign and add to send list. Then you can shuffle the send list so each time different client message will go. not just same messages again and again. Export : you can export send list for later use. Delivery Report : You can see instant delivery of messages which are sent from send list. Export: This feature allows you to export sent messages campaign vise and date vise. Chat View : In this view, you can see all incoming messages with name and channel number on which you received messages. You can even reply to person by login to that particular channel number. List View : In this view, you can see all incoming messages in list format. whatsapp bulk sms senderYou can send WhatsApp message to multiple contacts in one go and its an in-built feature which requires no additional cost and is absolutely free. There are 2 methods for this.
  • WhatsApp Broadcast: You can send a broadcast message to a maximum 256 contacts at one hit. Click the 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner and select “New Broadcast”. Than add contacts you want to send the message. Click OK. Now type the message and Send it.
  • Forward The Message: Type the message and send it to one contact. Now select the message and click forward. Select the contacts you want to forward to and click Forward.
If you want you can create a WhatsApp group and add the people you want to send the message, this will reduce the effort of sending to multiple contacts too.