AdWords Management Company in Bangalore        Start Making Profits on your Adwords Campaign Today. Our Adwords Management can help you Save upto 70%. AdWords Management Company     Google Adwords advertising is one of the most effective and accountable marketing technique, having the ability to target right audience & help generate high ROI. We are awarded as the best Google AdWords management agency in Chennai with the Google Partner.
  1. ROI Focused Adwords Management
  2. 30,000+ Targeted Leads Generated
  3. Pricing to Suit All Business Types
  4. 3000 INR Promotional Credit Match-Up for new Adwords accounts.
  Why Advertise on Google Adwords? Google Adwords will get your ads in front of the people you need to see them. Remember, Google Adwords OWNS 65%-70% of all online traffic. Google Adwords has become the WORLD’S standard search engine. Whether on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, Google Adwords is with your clients and potential clients whether they’re at work, at home, or on the go! This means using Google Adwords will allow you to choose when and where your ads will appear.  You can use Google Adwords’ Geo-targeting feature to target specific locations, separate age groups  specific genders, occupations, etc. Google Adwords gives you several choices to manage your daily budget. You can choose how you want to bid your ads. You can set a daily limit and allow Google Adwords to manage the number of clicks you receive per day. You can set bid adjustments, which will give you more control over where your ad appears and which are applied on top of your existing bids.   Our Google Adwords Management Service will Cover Following
  • Hardcore Keywords Research
  • Creative & Professional Text Ad Design
  • Site Links Extensions in Ad Design
  • Phone Extensions & Local Ads Extensions
  • Mobile Ads Implementation
  • Competitor Analysis , Sales / Leads Tracking & Improvements.
  • Systematic Weekly / Monthly Reporting with all necessary metrics.
  • Support through Internet call / instant messenger.
  • Campaigns & Ad Groups Creation
  • Search Display, PLA, Remarketing & Mobile campaigns.
  • Negative Keywords Insertion at Ad Groups & Campaign Level
  • Conversion (Sales) Tracking Setup & Google Analytics Setup.
  • Daily Monitoring & Tracking
  • Campaigns Optimization to get best ROI (Optimization of keywords, ads, bids and other settings)
  • Applying all best practices to achieve highest conversion ratio.
  Solutions Covered by Our Google Adwords Experts
  • Search Campaign Management
  • Display Campaign Management
  • Remarketing Campaign Management
  • PLA Shopping Campaign Management
  • Dynamic PLA Remarketing Campaign Management
  • Mobile App Promotion Campaign Management
  • Youtube Video Campaign Management
  Top Reasons Why You Should Work With A Google Partner Company? Working with a Google Partner company gives you the higher opportunity to:
  • further optimize your AdWords campaign.
  • gain more favourable results on your pay-per-click advertising.
Cloudstar Technologies pride itself for being a certified Google Partner company. But what really are the reasons why you should hire a Google Partner company for your AdWords campaign? And what does Google Partner Company mean? A Google Partner Company is an agency that is consists of a team of online experts and marketing professionals who are well versed in managing AdWords accounts. Those companies that have reached the Google Partner status are already certified by Google and have already earned the Google Partner Badge. This special badge is only awarded to highly competent and strong agencies that have many happily satisfied customers and have continued demonstrating the best Google practices. Here are some of the reasons why you should only work with a Google Partner company.
  • A Google Partner agency consists of proficient and professional online experts, account managers and analysts with Google Adwords certifications. The company’s team is certified by Google in managing the AdWords account of their clients. Google always makes it sure that the certifications they issue are up to date and that the company meets the standards set by Google for best practices on customer care.
  • Google Partners Company can help you get the most out of your YouTube advertising campaign. Companies with Google Partners Badge has a team of YouTube advertising experts that are well versed in utilizing the different YouTube advertising features including the call to action overlays, all True View video formats, video remarketing and video campaigns demographic targeting.
  • Google Partners work directly with Google. They are as well knowledgeable in all of the AdWords features including but not limited to the use of negative keywords, split testing with AdWords, site links inside of ads, ad scheduling, phrase match keywords, ad extensions and broad match modified keywords. They also know how to make use of these features in a way that is highly beneficial for their clients.
  • Google Partners are also equipped with the latest updates on best practices as well as on optimization recommendations straight from Google because they have direct access on the exclusive Google support, product updates and trainings.
Working with a Google Partner company allows you to get a leg up on the beta features competitions. Since Google Partners have a direct relationship with Google, they also have an exclusive access to the beta features of Google like Search Companion Marketing. This would mean that partners are always up-to-date when it comes to newly developed Google applications or features. The partners can test and make use of the new features for no less than a year before it is being made available to the general public.